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“The Accomplishments of a Fellow Teen: Kade McAdams”

Need a little inspiration today? Well read this insightful interview I had with Kade McAdams, who balances between being the National Spokesperson of the Youth Leadership Council for the NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association) and an accomplished tennis player. I hope you “love” it! 

NRECA National Spokesperson Questions

For the people who don’t know, what is the purpose of the NRECA’s Youth Leadership Council and what is the role of the national Spokesperson?

“The purpose of the NRECA’s Youth Leadership Council is to get the younger generations involved with electric co-ops. However, the organization doesn’t stop there. It is a council made to strengthen the leadership qualities of those on it, as well as forge bonds between the leaders of tomorrow. The role of the national Spokesperson is to present a speech on behalf of youth at the NRECA Annual Meeting. It is a huge honor, and I am beyond blessed to have achieved it.”

What was your reaction and the reaction of those back home when you found out you were chosen as the national Spokesperson?

“My reaction to being chosen as the national Spokesperson was very mixed, to say the least. I was very overwhelmed at the huge opportunity that had just been bestowed to me. People back home could not have been more proud of all that I accomplished through the NRECA’s Youth Tour.  They were also ecstatic when they realized Seymour was home to a nationally recognized youth; Seymour, TX, was on the map!”

What inspired you to choose the topic that you chose for your national Spokesperson speech?

“Definitely the high paced, high tech nature of our world today. Unlike those older than us, youth have so many outside influences trying to persuade how we live our lives. One thing that I believe can survive time and continue to positively influence the leaders of tomorrow is music, especially country music! The country genre is full of positive principles, which I fear our world today is lacking. If we would just sit back and listen to the lyrics of a good ol’ country song, I’m confident we can build lives that we will be proud of.”

What does being the national Spokesperson mean to you? 

“It means that I have the opportunity to speak, as a leader of tomorrow, to the leaders of today. It means that I was given a voice to use, just like all the members of the YLC, in a time when the voices of youth are not always valued. I hope that my message, however, on behalf of the youth today, comforts our current leaders and gives them hope for our future, as well as their own.”

Tennis Questions

What inspired you to start playing tennis?

“My pre-k teacher, Mrs. Carol, and my late grandmother, Babers. When a group of my friends and I were elementary age, Mrs. Carol found a man from a neighboring city to put on a small camp for us. That short camp sparked my interest and I continued to seek out opportunities to play tennis. Fast forward to middle school and my grandmother starting driving me two days a week after school to Vernon, which was about 40 miles away, in order to take lessons and play with others. Babers always believed that I had something special, and I definitely attribute my tennis career to her.”

What impact has playing tennis made in your life?

“Playing tennis has impacted my life for the better more than any other extracurricular activity I’ve been involved in. It has opened numerous doors in my life, which have led me down so many awesome paths. Most of my closest friends I met through tennis, and my hard work ethic as well as many of my other characteristics, can be attributed to the sport. Tennis has definitely played a huge role in who I am today.”

Which of your achievements/ accomplishments in tennis are you most proud of and why?

“I would say that my proudest accomplishment in tennis would be placing third at the state tournament my sophomore year. I worked so hard to get to that point, before the season, during the season, and then even harder the day of the first round state matches. So hard that I began to suffer from a heat stroke in my semifinal state tournament match. Even though I was being attacked by full body cramps and could barely walk, I finished a hopeless match. That bronze medal will always serve to remind me of what I am capable of, and to never stop until I am proud.”

What is the biggest lesson you have learned through playing tennis?

“The biggest lesson that I have learned through tennis is to always stay positive. Tennis is very much a mental sport, and if you allow yourself to become negative, you almost never come out on top. That is a very important life lesson, as well. Positivity is the key to a life full of victories.”

What tennis goals do you have for yourself?

“Being this is my last year of high school, I want to win the state championship in 2A Boys Singles. Hopefully, I will return a third time to the state tournament this coming May, and I would love to win the gold medal for everyone who has always supported and believed in me.”

What makes tennis the best sport to play?

“I could go on and on about why tennis is the best sport to play, but I’ll stick to just a few main reasons. Tennis is a lot like golf, you can play the sport up until you just can’t go anymore, so the health benefits are a huge reason to play the sport. It is also a great social game that all levels of athletes can enjoy, therefore, making it a fun way to involve everyone and make them feel a part of a team or group. Tennis also takes problem solving and communication skills, which we all know are assets in the classroom, in the office, and in life. I urge everyone to pick up a racquet today and see for themselves just how great tennis is. It can’t be “matched” by any other sport!”

Look at the great things today’s youth is accomplishing: becoming a national spokesperson while being an accomplished tennis player! I hope my interview with Kade motivates you to continue to accomplish your dreams and do great things. We are all in this together! We are each during our part in contributing to a thriving society. Keep it up!

Whats your favorite sport? Comment Below!

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