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“Inspiration from Lauren Roberts”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the wonderful honor of interviewing Lauren Roberts, the Florida State Officer for the FFA (Future Farmers of America). Read the interview below to discover how she has overcome changes and continues to strive to achieve her dreams.

What is the biggest piece of advice you have for teens who want to make a difference in their local communities?

“Do good work out of your heart rather than doing it for community service hours or personal recognition. We each have beautiful and unique talents that we can extend to others to uplift and support those around us in our communities so get to know yourself to find a meaningful project you have a passion for. For me that was knowing I enjoyed speaking and interacting with younger students so I did a lot of leadership and agriculture education visits to classes where I would read, speak, and play games! However I also knew when my “social battery” was running low so I take on more independent projects like packing backpacks with food for my school’s weekend backpack program.”

What is your ultimate dream? How are you achieving it?

“My ultimate dream is to live a full-filled life in my eyes. Of course that would look different for everyone, but I would want others to describe me as “zesty” and “adventurous”. Apart of that is checking off as much items on bucket list as possible every year- I wanted to travel to a new country (check), give blood (nervous but planned), and go to a goat yoga class (on the books)! I want to be known as someone who chased after everything I wanted in life and overflowed with the joy that adventure brings me.”

 What challenges have you experienced along the way of achieving your dream? What motivates you to overcome them?

“I have often doubted my own abilities and self-worth leading to not feeling “good enough” for certain relationships or positions in my life. Over the years I have learned the only technique that helps me overcome those feelings is to get out of my head and just start living in the moment. I learned to engage in deeper conversations around me, laugh a little louder at jokes, and just STOP worrying about what others could think of my every little action. I found my confidence in other people.”

Do you mind telling us a little but about your participation in FFA? How has your participation in FFA impacted your life?

 “I have been apart of FFA, the world’s largest youth organization, for all of middle and high school years. I’m currently taking the year off of college to serve as a Florida FFA State Officer where I have been able to inspire and lead students and travel all over the nation and even to Spain and Portugal this year. I owe my sense of community, self confidence, and passion for honey bees to my time in the blue jacket. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

Let’s follow Lauren Roberts’ advice and find what we are passion about and impact the world. Let’s not let challenges and self-doubts prevent us from reaching out greatest potential and achieving our inner dreams. We got this!

Follow Lauren Roberts on Instagram to keep on her on her inspirational journey to achieve her dreams: Laurenroberts0

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