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“Lessons from an 18-year-old Award-Winning Author and Speaker”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Yash Tiwari, an 18-year-old award-winning author and speaker. On top of speaking at events from around the world, Yash recently won an international award for being the “Youngest Author to Write A Fiction Novel On Covid-19!” Read the interview below to see what advice he has for his fellow youth!

What have you enjoyed most about being a TEDx Speaker?

“There are two aspects of delivering a TED talk that I cherish the most from my experience of the past 4 I’ve delivered (and my 5th TED talk scheduled for October). Firstly, the fact that I know that my voice and my idea worth sharing is not just going to impact my local community but will be reaching out to a Global audience of millions is absolutely astonishing. And that is what the TEDx stage is all about, after all! Connecting global audiences by the threads of thought provoking ideas and innovations. Secondly, the richness of the platform is what I’ve always admired as well. Being an 18 years old right now, all the TEDx talks that I’ve delivered so far, I had people twice or thrice as old as I am alongside me on the stage – global Changemakers, world leaders, with remarkable experiences. So for me, I personally got to learn a lot from the platform as well, while guiding others.”

What tips do you have for youth interested in being a TEDx Speaker?

“First tip that I’d like to give to anyone who’s willing to become a TEDx Speaker is to not focus on becoming one, at all. I know, it sounds absurd. But that’s the fact. What you should rather focus on is being innovative, establishing something noteworthy, or having an idea on a socially important topic that would really benefit the world around you. Because the platform of TEDx is not about delivering motivational speeches like many think of it to be, whatsoever. It is about bringing to light what’s not known – a subject worth conversing about. So that is what your focus should be on – finding the subject matter that deserves to be heard or needs social illumination.” 

What inspired you to write your novel, “​Pandemic 2020: Rife Of The Virus”?

“In the simplest of words, I can say that PANDEMIC 2020 – Rife Of The Virus is my tribute to the unsung tales (not just the heroes, but the stories) from the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic. All the storylines I’ve written (four, specifically) narrate about the scenarios that took place during this heartbreaking Outbreak all around the world. I felt the need to pen it down – to pay my tribute to the ones who fought and are still fighting against this yet-incurable flu through my words. We have four distinct yet interconnected tales narrated through my latest novel, Pandemic 2020 – Rife Of The Virus. Huiqing – an impoverished boy in China, Alanna – a helpless doctor in the U.S., Terrell – a stranded traveler in Italy, and Yash – a blooming journalist in India – Pandemic 2020, My Internationally Awarded Fiction Novel On The Novel Corona Virus Outbreak, provides a harrowing look at how the pandemic turned the lives of everyone around the world upside down. The twisted, globally-interconnecting tales are based on actual stories,  events and facts, intriguingly blending majorly affected regions around around the world through characters facing the severity of one common pandemic, the Corona Virus outbreak. For my latest Novel, I have been Awarded by the ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS (International) as well as INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS (National) for setting the Record of being “The Youngest Author To Write A Fiction Novel On COVID19 Outbreak”.”

What obstacles did you face when writing your novel? How did you overcomethese obstacles?

“I was writing it all down while it was unfolding in the real world, so I was essentially living through the traumas of the characters that I was writing about on a psychological level. I had to maintain the peace of mind while investing myself in a story. But then, I was constantly caught up in delivering motivational sessions and workshops almost regularly to global audiences via Web Platforms which I earlier used to do on-site. So half of the day was utilized in that. And then the other half was spent in writing this quite-a-long and emotionally impacting novel and doing regular researches on the subject matter. All in all, a balance was maintained.”

What is your ultimate dream in life? How are you starting to achieve this dreamtoday?

“Since as long as I can remember, my ultimate dream has been to bring great changes in the world for the greater good. I know, it’s not precisely specific and sounds quite vague, but I believe that vagueness gives me a freedom to define what the “great, positive changes” that I wish in the world really mean. 
I believe I definitely have started working on my ambitions. Every day, I get to address hundreds upon thousands of youngsters from around the world, and I guide and Mentor them about topics like self-realization, how to follow their creative passions, etc. And that, from what I see, is a foundation of a better world – the youngsters are going to be the torch bearers of our Global future, afterall.”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received that you believe has contributedto your current success?

“Son, you’re never too young to achieve what your heart desires.”

What overall advice do you have for youth who want to make a difference butfear they are too young?

I authored my now Internationally acclaimed and Awarded Debut Novel, “A Celebration In Tribulation” at the age of 16, in 2018. Then, I went on to get invited for my first TED Talk at TEDxHBTU the age of 17, in 2019. And as a matter of fact, today, in 2020, I received the invitation for my 5th TEDx event, right after I’ve authored two globally renowned novels and set an International Record at ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS for the same – all at the age of 18. No, I was not bragging about my accolades at all, trust me. But did you understand my point? I could have waited for years upon years, thinking that I must be of the “right age” to write my first book. But I did not! Right at the age of 16, when I felt passionate about it, I gave it a go. That is what our youngsters need to do as well! Stop doubting yourself, or thinking that you’re either too young or you dont have enough resources/talent. Mark my words on this – for as long as you’re passionate and dedicated towards your goals, you can really achieve all that your heart desires. Dream big, and work hard.

Thank you Yash for sharing your sharing your experiences and advice with us. It is not everyday that one is able to gain knowledge from a youth who is an award-winning author and public speaker. Thank you for helping your fellow youth through this interview with Teen Mindset!

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