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Teen Mindset Magazine is a magazine for youth and by youth. This magazine would not exist without the support from youth like you. Thus, in order to continue, Teen Mindset is constantly looking for new youth interested in getting involved.

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Are you interested in being interviewed and featured in the next article by Teen Mindset Magazine? Do you have a story, dream, or advice that can uplift your fellow youth? Sign-up to be featured!

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For too long, Teen Mindset Magazine has been a one woman show. Thus, Teen Mindset has decided to expand and now welcomes youth interested in joining the magazine. Available Roles & Positions

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Are you a youth who wants their voice to be heard? Submit an Op-Ed today that can possibly be featured on Teen Mindset Magazine. Teen Mindset aims to be a platform for the voice of youth and through your submission, Teen Mindset can achieve that goal.