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Do you have a dream? You are not alone! Read these articles to look at what goals and dreams lie in the hearts of today’s youth.

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“How I Didn’t Let MGN Type 3 Stop Me”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Chase Gallagher, the owner of Buzz Cut Lawn Care. Despite having MPGN type 3, a rare glomerular disease, Chase Gallagher is chasing his dreams and not letting it define him. Read the inspirational interview below! What inspired you to create your lawn service business? “In the summer…

“My Dream of Joining the U.S Navy”

Are you interested in joining the military? Are you curious about the process? Do you need a little inspiration from a fellow teen? Well swipe right to read the fantastic interview I had with Joseph Flynn from Virginia! What inspired you to want to join the military?  “Since a young age I have always been…

“How I am Achieving my STEM Dreams…”

Are you in need of a little inspiration from one of your fellow teens this school year? Well, read the interview below and discover how Emily Serrano is achieving her STEM dreams today!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Can you explain the purpose of the Stem scholar program and your time at the program was like? “Each summer break, the…

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