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“Youth in Politics”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Piyush Sharma from India. In this short interview he shares his perspective on youth involvement in politics & what drew him to get involved himself. We love to see youth across the globe sharing their perspectives with our magazine! Why did you become interested in politics? ThereContinue Reading

“Giving South Asian Girls a Voice”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Srinithi Srinivas (@srinithi_ks), the founder of Empowering Your Desi (@empoweringyourdesi). Read the interview below to learn more about Srinithi and her journey through creating Empowering Your Desi. What is Empowering Your Desi? “EYD consists of an Instagram page (@empoweringyourdesi) and a website. Our website- empoweringyourdesi.wixsite.com/mysite – housesContinue Reading

“How Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Impacted My Life”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Erica Carnegie, the 2019 Miss Teen Nation Nationals, a National American Teen & Collegiate Ambassador, and the first National Youth Ambassador for the Aneurysm and the AVM Foundation. In the interview below, Erica opens up about the struggles of having Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), a rare deadly geneticContinue Reading

“Being a Teen Allergy Advocate”

Teen Mindset Magazine had the honor of interviewing Thalina Houghton, who in this article shows that challenges can be overcome and passions can be discovered! How are you a teen allergy advocate? “I first became immersed in the allergy community around July 2019, following my most severe reaction a month prior. I initially reached outContinue Reading

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