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“How to Find Confidence…”

Low self-esteem is something that plagues many teens and even adults today. I struggle with it! I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with allowing a lack of confidence limit my life. On June 20th, 2019, I had the honor of interviewing Samantha Ortiz, a rising senior at Baker County High School, and got her advice on how she is becoming more and more confident each day.

What has helped you become more self-confident?

“I think with almost every person will think about their confidence even if they are not constantly thinking about it. At some point we will be at our lowest point and have a low self-esteem. I’ve always struggled with low self esteem, but recently I’ve been trying to really bring it up. What has helped me is to just look in the mirror and name one thing that you like about yourself. You tell that to your mirror every single day of the week and then the next week you start with another thing and then another thing. That’s really helped me. I’m still struggling with my confidence, but I’ve understood that I’ll never be perfect and that I’m going to have to wake up to myself and with myself the rest of my life so why not just love yourself.”

Do you think that the reason why most people are insecure is because of social media? If so, do you believe that taking a break from social media would help?

“Yes. Regarding breaks, I think it depends on who you are. Even in older times when there really wasn’t social media people wanted to look a certain way. There is always someone to look up to, but you have to remember that sadly there is always going to be a person who is going to seem better than you or look better than you in someone else’s eyes. However, you have to remember, in the right person’s eyes you are going to be the most perfect and beautiful person. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, so I think me understanding that has really helped me.”

Do you have a celebrity you look up to for confidence?

“Liza Koshy. I had the pleasure of meeting her. I have always been a huge fan of hers. She is just so quirky, and she is always true to herself. I think that’s another big thing about confidence is being true to yourself and knowing that you don’t need to be like everyone else. She is never strives to look perfect. Whenever I started watching her is when I started bringing out my true self. I have always been a funny, quirky, weird person. I see a lot of the qualities in me that she has.”

What do you do when you hit a low in your confidence?

“To be honest I have struggled with depression for a while. There have been some really low points in my life where I wanted to do some things, but whenever I hit those points when I want to lay in bed all day, I just remind myself that there are people who love me. My mom would miss me, my dad, my family. Although I may tell myself no one loves me, I always try to remember that people do.”

You are not alone. I struggle with confidence, Samantha struggles with confidence, and so do most of the people around. However, with Samantha’s tips together we can become the confident individuals we each strive to be. We will have setbacks, but setbacks are okay. They are normal. Lets just promise each other to never give up in our quest towards self-love and confidence!

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