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“How She Became a Girl Boss Despite the Odds”

Are you interested in being an entrepreneur? Do you like technology? Well, read the inspirational interview below to see how Sankriti Deva is continuing to strive towards her dream of helping others through her love for problem solving, technology, and entrepreneurship and what advice she has for others with similar dreams! Let’s learn from and be inspired by her and achieve our dreams through the interview below! 

What obstacles have you had to overcome?

“As a young woman in technology and entrepreneurship I’ve had to overcome a couple of obstacles. First of which was just figuring out how to start and the basics. What is a pitchfest? How do people get funding for their inventions? How do you patent something? Then I also encountered a lot of mental obstacles like getting over the imbedded fear of failure most people have, learning how to balance all aspects of my life, and getting over what I now know to be “imposter syndrome.”

In what ways did overcoming these obstacles empower you to achieve your dreams?

“Overcoming these obstacles made me realize that times of difficulty and obstacles are simply opportunities for self-improvement and growth. Getting through these obstacles made me a better problem-solver, entrepreneur, and person. My experiences taught me that I could get through anything and as long as I do what I need to do, I am always taking a step forward to achieving my dreams.”

How did you overcome your obstacles?

“I overcame the obstacles of learning the basics through research. I used tools like Google to learn more about the process, and looked at people in my community who had already done the things I wanted to do. I reached out to them, and was amazed at how willing they were to help me. This made me realize that at one point these amazing people were at the same point I am, and someone helped them to reach their goals, which is why they pay it forward. I got over my fear of failure by redefining what failure meant to me. To me, failure isn’t not achieving what you set out to do, but is instead not learning from the journey. I now view failure as an opportunity. Finally, I got over “imposter syndrome” by realizing that even if I walk into the room with the most accomplished people in the world, no one else knows my product better than I do, and in reality no adult truly knows what they’re doing 100% of the time.”

What advice do you have for other people who may be dealing with obstacles?

“No matter what’s going on, whether it be personal or family difficulties, or not doing that well in a class at school, don’t think that it’s the end of the world. This might sound cheesy, but everything in life changes, and that’s the beauty of it. Use the obstacles you’re facing now to your advantage. Improve yourself, your work ethic, and just do your best.”

What mindset do you have towards future obstacles?

“Now I’m going to use future obstacles as opportunities for self-improvement, always looking for the silver lining in things. I’ve found it really valuable to be optimistic, surround myself with positive people, and to be more mindful in everything I do. I want to continue to follow these practices as I encounter future obstacles.”

Despite the odds, how are you a girlboss today?

“I think I’m a girlboss today despite any difficulties I’ve encountered. I still aim to go after my dreams and not give up.”

What does being a girlboss mean to you?

“I think a girlboss is any womxn who follows her dreams despite any problems she faces.”

What is your ultimate dream in life? How are you achieving it?

“My ultimate dream in life is to be able to use my passion for problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and technology to help as many people as I can. I am taking steps to achieve it by working on projects and inventions that are meaningful to me.”

Follow Sankriti Deva on Instagram to follow her journey towards achieving her dreams! https://www.instagram.com/sanskritideva/

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